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Find Your Balance
We believe that true health encompasses a holistic approach to wellness that includes mind, body, and spirit. It’s all about finding the perfect balance that brings health, love, and rest. The AHA Wellness Center is designed to offer you a unique and rejuvenating experience that combines the best of modern amenities and natural elements.

We’re constantly adapting our services to meet the community’s needs and partner with likeminded professionals. Check back often for the latest offerings.

Salt Room Relaxation

The Salt Room

Our salt room is a unique and innovative way to improve your respiratory and skin health. The space is designed to provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment. Through halotherapy, the salt particles in the air can help clear your lungs and sinuses, reduce inflammation, and improve your overall well-being. You can choose to receive a chair massage, utilize a BioMat, meditate, read a book, or simply relax in this calming environment.

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Infrared Sunlighten Sauna® 

Our state-of-the-art Sunlighten® infrared sauna uses radiant heat to penetrate deeply into your skin, muscles, and joints. Its many benefits include improved circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation. Infrared saunas are also known to support detoxification, boost the immune system, and reduce stress. You can choose to enjoy the sauna on your own or with a friend for a more social experience.

Beach Room

Indoor Relaxation

Learn timely tools for treadling life with our relaxation techniques and activities. Our Creativity Area has a calm seating area for future knitting classes and reading. Weave a potholder, knit, color, try an available craft, write a thank you note, journal, or enjoy a soothing cup of tea. In our Beach Room, you can learn Transcendental Meditation®. Discover the healing power of getting in touch with your mind, body, spirit.


Transcendental Meditation

If you are interested in learning the Transcendental Meditation technique, AHA will be used as an educational space for a locally certified Transcendental Meditation teacher.

AHA Garden Area

Outdoor Garden Area

Our facilities include a half basketball court, shuffleboard, and herb and perennial garden. Get your heart rate up and improve circulation with a quick game or enjoy the peace of the outdoors and sounds of the birds for meditative grounding. We’re also located close to biking and hiking trails and a public walking labyrinth. Outdoor activities are a great way to boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve your physical health.

Upcoming Classes

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